Last Minute Gift Guide for the Marketer in Your Life

The agency environment is like no other. It brings together all sorts of talent and personalities from creative to project management. But with such a diverse group of interests, it can make shopping for that secret santa, yankee swap, friend or family member tricky. Whatever your agency’s holiday gift-giving culture, here’s a by-department guide to giving something that won’t be re-gifted or banished to the bin.

For the Designer

When shopping for a designer, think of ways you can improve the aesthetics of their environment. If you’re having trouble, keep in mind that you can’t go wrong with something from the pantone universe–like the phone case below.


For the Copywriter

Let’s face it, your copywriter friends are probably more witty than you. So, take them down a notch by getting them something that features a ridiculous pun. They’ll appreciate it.


For the Photographer

There’s an overwhelming amount of camera accessories these days, but photographers can always use more products that remind them of their passion… like a pour and shoot camera mug.


For the Videographer

Videographers often find themselves going to extremes to capture top-notch content. This holiday season, provide them with something that will help keep them safe and/or comfortable throughout their adventures.


For the Strategist

Don’t get “Risk” for the strategist in your life. That’s too obvious. Get them “Settlers of Catan” instead.


For the Content Creator

Content creators have DIY pumping through their DNA. Get them gifts that allow them to make stuff and experiment. And, who knows, maybe you’ll reap the benefits yourself through a newly discovered cocktail recipe?


For the Remote Freelancer

Let’s not forget about the freelancers of the world. Get them something to remind them that though they may work remotely, they’re an extension of a larger team. Or, hook them up with some gas cards. Everybody loves a gas card.


Happy holiday shopping!


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