5 Content Creation Tools We’re Thankful For

As the leaves surrounding our Western Massachusetts content studio turned shades of crimson, golden and fiery orange this fall, it was business as usual. Our team was busy concepting and creating Thanksgiving social content that entices audiences to practically gobble up their smartphones. Then it hit us like a third glass of spiked apple cider: We simply don’t give enough credit to the many unsung heroes working their magic behind — or in some cases, in front of — the camera during any given content shoot.

Nah, we’re not talking about gaffers, designers and stylists whose masterful hands work the dough of our production pie. Nope, we’re not referring to the talented cinematographers, photographers, or art and creative directors who cook up a killer content meal. This time around, we wanted to highlight some of the tools that help make content creation happen. Random? You bet your grandma’s secret stuffing recipe. But without them, we’d be stuck with an undercooked, pale AF turkey that no one likes. Or shares. Or comments on. Say hello to our little friends.

Smoke Machine

Primary Use: Simulating smoke, steam and/or fog.

Motto: When in doubt, smoke ‘em out.


Primary Use: Browning, charring and finishing foods, or adding character to surfaces.

Motto: Here to sear.


Primary Use: Creating an illusion of shine, sweat, grease, condensation or frost.

Motto: Glisten up!


Primary Use: Holding items together, such as garnishes on main dishes or stacking sandwiches.

Motto: Let’s stick together.

Lazy Susan

Primary Use: Showcasing products, 360° views and delivering a clean, steady video rotation.

Motto: Lazy in name only.

So while we’re counting our calories — er, blessings — around the Thanksgiving table this year, we’ll be sure to give a little gratitude to these handy gadgets that help us feed creative content to hungry audiences everywhere.

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