90+ Cellars: New Label, Always Great Wine

After being around for nearly a decade, 90+ Cellars recently decided that it was time to refresh the look and feel of their core wine bottle labels. While having a few iterations over the years, the brand always maintained a similar overall style. However, as a matured brand, they went for a bit more of a dramatic change this time. They landed on a custom design for their bottles in an effort to elevate their brand perception in a way that better aligns with the high quality of their product. Each label illustration is unique to each specific wine and plays off elements of the wine’s origins.

With the introduction of a new label, you sometimes run the risk of temporary customer confusion. As such, the 90+ team was cautious to maintain some subtle elements that tie back to the original brand label. A rebrand is a balancing act–you want to introduce something fresh and new, but you also don’t want to completely disregard the strong brand equity that has been built over the years.

Additionally, when launching new packaging, it’s best practice to run a coinciding awareness push. Not only can this generate buzz around your brand to connect with a new audience, but it also helps to alert existing customers that the packaging is changing. This makes awareness efforts a critical piece in the ‘new packaging’ puzzle. This is where we came in.

Our content team partnered with 90+ cellars to create a series of engaging video content that alerts their consumers that the look of the wine has changed, while simultaneously reinforcing the fact that the product will be the same thing customers have come to know and love.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our team creating the new brand videos for 90+ Cellars.

To develop the creative concept of the videos, the team combined audience research with the 90+ brand personality. Through social content analysis, the 90+ Cellars team gained insight into their consumers’ affinity for fun wine quotes which was then leveraged as a key component of the series. As a product that is social and shareable, the 90+ Cellars brand exudes fun, humorous, sociable characteristics.

Additionally, 90+ Cellars is a lifestyle brand, it views wine in the context of a larger drinking occasion—pairing with great food, enjoying with friends, or celebrating an achievement. In this video content series, the wine is the focus, but it fits into the context of a social situation—for example, Prosecco and rosé being shared poolside with a summer vibe and clinking glasses.

Check out two examples of the finished product below, and then go grab some 90+ Cellars wine to share with friends.

New Label, Always a Great Wine. | 90+ Cellars

Have you seen our fresh NEW look? Just in time for all of your summer celebrations.

Posted by 90+ Cellars on Thursday, June 14, 2018
Attitude is Everything. Also, Wine. | 90+ Cellars

Because it's summer and your glass should always be half full (of wine.)

Posted by 90+ Cellars on Tuesday, July 3, 2018
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